Puppy & Dog Training Classes with Sarah Matthews

Puppy school & dog training classes

Sarah is a Puppy School tutor running classes at Wellow, near Romsey (SO51) & Netley Marsh, near Totton (SO40). Sarah has been running puppy school classes for 10 year and so is a very experienced tutor. Puppy School is a professional network of well-trained tutors providing a high standard of classes. Puppy school was founded by Gwen Bailey a leading behaviourist and trainer in the UK.

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Puppy School classes are a 6 week course, with each session lasting an hour and provide an excellent opportunity for training and socialisation for your puppy, using only kind and effective methods.

They are fun and children over 5years of age are welcome to attend with their parents.

The following exercises will be covered during the 6 week course:

  • Come when called
  • ‘Sit’, ‘down’, ‘stand’
  • Walk on loose lead
  • ‘Wait’
  • ‘Off’
  • Socialisation with adults, children attending class, and other puppies
  • How to greet humans appropriately
  • Getting used to be handled, examined, hugged, and lifted by owners/strangers
  • Food bowl, chew and bone manners
Dog Behaviour Training -  Romsey

This will provide you with the skills to teach your puppy at home, as you will need to practice all the exercises covered in class to help raise a well adjusted and well mannered dog.

There is a maximum of 8 puppies in each class to ensure we can provide a good training environment.

All puppies must be vaccinated and under 20 weeks of age to join the classes.

We do get booked up in advance so if you are interested in attending our classes please make contact early to help avoid disappointment.

If you have any further questions about the classes then please do get in touch or if you would like to know what vacancies we currently have available.

Junior Classes

Dog Behaviour Training -  RomseyJunior classes are for those dogs that have either completed the Puppy School course or are between 5/6months and 1 year of age.

This is a 6 week course using reward based training. It can be highly beneficial to go on to the junior class after the puppy classes to continue to train your dog.

If you have an older puppy that has attended classes elsewhere or has not been able to attend classes yet then please contact us to see if these classes would be appropriate for your dog.

Our junior classes are normally held at Netley Marsh, Nr Totton and at West Wellow, please contact us for more details or to reserve a place.

Sarah offers one to one training for puppies and this is an excellent opportunity to get assistance in using reward based training for your pup whilst addressing your particular needs.

These sessions will be carried out in your own home and can he highly beneficial to help you to start your pups training before they are able to attend a class or if you are having any particular training problems.

As these sessions are carried out in your own home it is possible to have a puppy training session before your pup is vaccinated and able to go outside.

This can be highly beneficial to owners who need assistance prior to attending a class or those that are unable to attend a class.

One to one training help is also available for adult dogs and please contact Sarah to discuss your particular requirements.

Dog Behaviour Training -  Romsey

Behaviour Consultation

If you are interested in seeking behaviour help for your dog please contact Sarah prior to getting a vet referral as dependant on workload she is sometimes unable to take on new behaviour cases.

If your experiencing difficulties with your dogs’ behaviour or training, a consultation may help you solve this problem.

Dog Behaviour Training -  Romsey

Every dog is an individual and the circumstances in which you are managing your dog are unique to you, therefore Sarah will try to specifically tailor any recommendations to suit you and your dogs needs.

A typical consultation lasts 2 hours and gives Sarah an opportunity to take a detailed history from you about the problem you are experiencing with your dog. Sarah will then be able to advise you on the most suitable action to take.

All consultations are carried out via veterinary referral this is to ensure there are no medical problems that may be contributing to the problems you are experiencing and to ensure your pet is given the best possible care.

Sarah is a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and to achieve this had to undergo rigorous selection to establish her qualifications and experience. If you have insurance for your dog it may be possible to claim for fees from behavioural work with a full member of the APBC, so please check your policy if this would be of benefit to you.



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